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Automotive Classes

  • 30 Automotive Classes include (Best of Show, Street, Mild, Wild, and more)

  • $30 online registration ticket

  • $40 at day of event

  • FREE admission to public


       All cars must be in place NO EXCEPTIONS, order to included the judging competition begin immediately. Once cars park in                place, you not permitted to leave and re-enter the venue unless for an emergency.

Awards Summary

  • Best of Show - Best overall vehicle

  • Best Team - Best combine overall quality team member vehicles

  • Best Female Ride - Best overall female owned vehicle

  • Best Fitment - Best overall wheels/stance

  • Best Street -  Modifications including but not limited to; body styling, general bolt-ons, exhaust, steering wheel, etc.

  • Best Mild - Modifications including but not limited to: body styling, conversion kit, suspension, headers, tune, etc.

  • Best Wild - Modifications including but not limited to; body styling, motor swap, dash swap, supercharger, big brake kit, etc.



  • Best of Show

  • Best Car Limbo

  • Best Sound Exhaust

  • Best Team

  • Best Engine

  • Best Female Ride

  • Best Fitment

  • Best Interior

  • Best Static

  • Best Bagged

  • Best Euro 1st - 2nd

  • Best Street 1st - 2nd

  • Best Mild 1st - 2nd

  • Best Wild 1st - 2nd

  • Best Top 20

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